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  • Canada 150 Inspiration Award, Lisa MacLeod, MPP

    As the holidays approach, it is a perfect time to take a moment to share just how grateful I am, for such incredible people in my life, education, freedom, security and love. I have had such incredible opportunities and experiences throughout the years and I am thrilled to see what my future has in store.  […]

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  • I Made an Academic Case Competition Team! (JDC Sprott 2018)

    As I get closer to graduating, I am working really hard to keep pushing myself outside of my comfort zone academically. The purpose of this is to network, create awesome memories and to continue developing my academic skills and competencies. This year, I am competing on the JDC, Sprott School of Business case competitions team. I […]

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    Hi all! This week was the Money, Mindset and Marketing Conference, presented by business coach and strategist Lisa Larter. I had the privilege of attending as one of Catherine Priestman’s guests, who is the President of CP Business Solutions, an image strategy and branding company. If you need help with your strategic marketing plan, or discovering […]

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  • We Day Keynote Speaker 2017

    Last Month, I had the great honour of being the Keynote Speaker at Emily Carr Middle School’s WE day. I think that it is absolutely amazing that local schools are hosting WE Day’s and it was clear that this school took it very seriously.  For those of you who aren’t aware, “ WE is a […]

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  • Sports Help Build Confidence in Life

    This weekend is the National Championship and selection for the next World Championship in Ireland. Although it is not a date booked in my calendar this year, it is for many of my past teammates, and new athletes that are trying to qualify for their first time. Just thinking about it brings back such amazing […]

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  • A Great Start to 2017!!

    Welcome to 2017! I am back at school after a nice relaxing winter break!  I had a particularly exciting start to my year, when I was invited to give a talk and team building session for a 12 year old girls Ringuette team last weekend.  I had a lot of fun planning this 2 hour […]

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