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Yes, We Even Did Karoke!

Christmas Holiday Means Lots of Time to Train

Merry Christmas Everyone! The holidays have been great so far since it means I can train whenever I want.  I really had some great training with the Men’s National Sparring Team –  Mr LeGrow (Hyper Weight), Miro Mostovac (Heavy Weight) and Aziz Abdellahi (Middle Weight).  We worked on some amazing sparring drills.  It’s so beneficial […]

Interviewed by Algonquin College Journalist and Lifestyle Editor for the Algonquin Times – Gabrielle Tieman

Kayla Maduk – 2nd Dan, National Taekwon-Do Team By Gabrielle Tieman – 3rd Year Student and Lifestyle Editor for the Algonquin Times Paper Kayla Maduk spins around and smacks a hacky-sack to the ground with the heel of her foot. Repeatedly, the youngest members of her dojang throw the small, bean filled balls into the […]

Just Like Old Times :)

This is Why I Love Taekwon-Do

Wow, tonight was an awesome training session.  I started with my regular class and then I taught the ladies Fitness Kickboxing class which is always fun and a good workout.  I like it since I get to use all the basics of  TKD but it’s so much fun with the loud music. Halfway through the […]

Soccer Mom's Helping to Raise Money

Great Week of Training

I am getting into a comfortable training groove.  I know what I need to do at home to get stronger and more flexible and then I have my training 4 times a week.  I’m really working on my flexibility for one of the movements in my pattern ‘Juche’ so it looks better. Some people are […]

Self Defense Class at John McCrae H.S.

At school this week we had a guest, Guy Ouellette  from Elite Karate  come in to teach self-defense to the girls in phys-ed class every day.  It was a lot of fun and I learned a few  holds and grabs that I didn’t know before.  It was the first time that most of the girls […]

Back to Reality Next Week!

Ever since I’ve been back from Vancouver I haven’t been myself 🙁 I have been completely consumed with training and preparing every day for Nationals since last June.   I thoroughly enjoyed every second of  the training with my friends since we all had the same goal…  Make the National Team. I will always remember […]

CTV Interview at the Richmond Olympic Oval – National Championships

If you’ve never seen Taekwon-Do before check out this  GREAT  VIDEO from the Richmond Olympic Oval at the National Championships .  CTV News was there to capture the warm-up for the Women’s Team Pattern Demonstration and the Pre-arranged Sparring by the O’Neil brothers.  Both of these teams will be representing Canada at the World Championships […]

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