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1st Place Regional Basketball Tournament

This was an extremely busy week for sports.  My school basketball team played 6 games and we are still undefeated!  At the Regional Basketball Tournament we won first place which means we play in the Board Semi-Finals May 3rd.  We also had our regular basketball practices after school on top of that.  In soccer we […]

TKD Training in Montreal

I went to Montreal this weekend for a soccer tournament but I also wanted to take advantage of training with Mr. Primeau from Samguk TKD in Longueuil.  Mr. Primeau often comes to train in our dojang in Ottawa so it was nice to visit him at his school.  Friday night he worked us very hard […]


Honour Role

Last week we received our report cards and at the school assembly I was really proud to earn an Honour Role for having an overall average of a 84% percent.  This was especially hard with all the extra training I’ve been doing.  I also received the Citizenship Award.  It’s great that my Grandpa is so […]


55th Birthday of Taekwon-Do

April 11th was the 55th birthday of TKD.  To celebrate, three TKD schools in Ottawa all got together for an intense 2.5 hour training.  Master Kou and Mr. Legrow lead the session for 40 students.  It was like an old family reunion for me since I knew everyone from all the schools and I hadn’t […]


TKD Meets Ottawa Science Fair

This has been an extremely busy two weeks so I’m a bit behind in my blog.  Last week I qualified for the Finals at the Ottawa Science Fair along with 200 other students in grade 8 to grade 12 from all over Ottawa.  My topic was on “The Theory of Power” which is all related […]

Medicine Ball

Cross Training

Hello, OK so, right now its Easter weekend, and I am relaxing, but I will be doing some light training on my own. Since I had the Eastern Canadian Championships last weekend, and I don’t have my next tournament until June 6, I have pretty much this week and a little bit of next week […]

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