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New TKD Slide Show

My Grandma used to make photo albums every year for her grand kids and I still love looking  through them.  Now my mom takes all the pictures and she made up this digital photo album (with the help of my brother Greg) for me as a ‘keep-sake’.  Thanks guys 🙂 Hope you like it. It […]

Working on Patterns

Busiest week ever!!!!!

This was such an amazing week of training.  I helped Mr. LeGrow with his TKD summer camp with two other black belts, (Kayla Huber, Joey Busat).  It meant taking a one and a half hour bus ride every morning at 7am  just to get there on time.  The camp consisted of coaching young students.  We […]

Aren't These Little 'Warrior Princesses' Adorable?

Feels Good To Be Back to a Training Schedule

This week I had two soccer games and then a practice.  I find that all the running is really helping with my cardio and my overall strengthening.  Today my team went to Florida for 10 days for soccer tournament at Disney World.  I would have loved to go with them but this is just another […]

Press Release in the Barrhaven Independent

I was so nervous having an interview with the local newspaper reporter. You never know what they’re going to ask or how they will interpret it.  I had to do the interview over the phone after my TKD training at 10:30 at night since it was the only time that I had free.  It was […]

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