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Training,Training and More Training

School work is starting to get heavier and I had a few tests but so far so good! I went to winter soccer tryouts twice last week.  It’s at the OYSL level and they are going well.  It’s good to see old friends and team mates. Fortunately there is a bit of break for soccer […]


ERSL East Region Cup 2010 Champions

Today was the East Regional Cup.  I was super excited for the game because it was against our rivals Kanata.  It has been a battle against them all summer for the top position.  It was also the last game of the season and possibly the last time we  all play together as a team.  It […]


Blackburn TKD 9th Anniversary Open House

Training went really well this week and then on Saturday I spent 10 hours at the dojang.  It was the school’s 9th anniversary so there were classes running all day.  The purpose was to get the community involved and to try some classes to increase enrollment.  Not only did I do my own training in […]

My First CTV TV Interview

Last  Monday night Carolyn Waldo from CTV came to the dojang to interview me for ‘High School Athlete of the Week’.  It was the coolest thing ever. I was nervous since I had no idea what she was going to ask but she was super nice and instantly made me feel comfortable. It was cool […]

Thank You Neighbours

I would like to thank all my neighbours who gave donations to me this weekend at our huge street garage sale. It was a really fun day and it was nice to meet some of you for the first time.  I can’t tell you how overwhelmed I was knowing that you’re all behind me. You […]


My First Week at John McCrae Highschool

It was my first week at high school and I already absolutely love it! I really enjoy the whole atmosphere. I only have one disappointment. Last year at middle school, I was able to play on every single school sport’s team and was involved in all the activities, but this year I need to stay […]

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