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2 Weeks Today and I’ll be Competing

My training started really well this week but by Wednesday night the back of my knee/hamstring was bugging me.  I’m not sure why since it wasn’t like I did something and then all of a sudden it hurt, I just kind of woke up with it.    I went to a message therapist and she told […]

3 Weeks Today and I’ll Be Competing!

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the time is going.  The closer to the date, the more I want to train but I also have to listen to my body since I don’t want to get over-tired.  So many of the people that I’m training with are getting sick.  Not sure if it’s just all […]

Marj's Friend Recieved It On Her Behalf

Marj Ray Receives IPAD

October 17th my Instructor Mr. LeGrow pulled the winning ticket for an Apple IPAD.  I really want to thank all my friends and neighbours for their donations towards my trips to Nationals and New Zealand.  I would not be able to go without everyone’s help! Marj Ray is the lucky winner!  Marj lives in Edmonton […]

Using Video Camera`s Help in Training

It was another great week of training.  I don`t  have any soccer this month so it`s given me so much more time for training.  At the Selections next month I`m trying to qualify for Individual Sparring, Individual Patterns and Power Breaking. Most people specialize in only one event.  It`s hard  balancing the training time for […]


Amazing Training Road Trip

I don’t even know where to start since so much happened in just 48 hours.  My parents drove me to Laval, Quebec (2 hr drive) for some training at Eclipse Taekwon-do.  I slept the whole way there since we left very early.  When I woke up I was in a different city but I was […]

Off to Laval in the morning, then Trois Rivieres in the afternoon and then Quebec City for Training with Grand Master Hector Marano!

Happy  Thanksgiving Everyone!  I am so excited to train in Laval tomorrow morning and in Trois Rivieres in the afternoon.  It’s so much fun visiting other dojangs to see how they are.  I’m also really looking forward to training with some of my friends that I’ve met at other tournaments and training sessions.  Everyone is […]

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