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Back to Reality Next Week!

Ever since I’ve been back from Vancouver I haven’t been myself 🙁 I have been completely consumed with training and preparing every day for Nationals since last June.   I thoroughly enjoyed every second of  the training with my friends since we all had the same goal…  Make the National Team. I will always remember […]

CTV Interview at the Richmond Olympic Oval – National Championships

If you’ve never seen Taekwon-Do before check out this  GREAT  VIDEO from the Richmond Olympic Oval at the National Championships .  CTV News was there to capture the warm-up for the Women’s Team Pattern Demonstration and the Pre-arranged Sparring by the O’Neil brothers.  Both of these teams will be representing Canada at the World Championships […]

Interview by Algonquin College Journalism Student

I had a really nice interview by a third year journalism student from Algonquin College. She said that she had been assigned to profile someone she believed to be important and making a difference in the Ottawa area.   When she was deciding who she wanted to interview she saw my profile on the   […]

Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

Medal Award Ceremony at Nationals

I was almost the last person to leave the Olympic Oval since I had one of the last events.  As I was walking out I felt very sad that the tournament was over and that I may never be in this incredible building again.  It’s one thing to see it on TV but it’s so […]


Last Day of Competition

The day started very early since we had to be at the Oval by 7:30am for the Official Opening Ceremony.  It was exciting.  We all marched into the Oval walking behind each Provincial Flag.  It was cool seeing the Olympic rings as they sang the National Anthem.  I hope to hear it when I’m in […]

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