Interviewed by Algonquin College Journalist and Lifestyle Editor for the Algonquin Times – Gabrielle Tieman

Kayla Maduk – 2nd Dan, National Taekwon-Do Team By Gabrielle Tieman – 3rd Year Student and Lifestyle Editor for the Algonquin Times Paper Kayla Maduk spins around and smacks a hacky-sack to the ground with the heel of her foot. Repeatedly, the youngest members of her dojang throw the small, bean filled balls into the … Read more

This is Why I Love Taekwon-Do

Wow, tonight was an awesome training session.  I started with my regular class and then I taught the ladies Fitness Kickboxing class which is always fun and a good workout.  I like it since I get to use all the basics of  TKD but it’s so much fun with the loud music. Halfway through the … Read more