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Lots to Report This Week!

I had a great productive week: Physio therapy – Dr. Aiello has done an amazing job on my ankle and it’s getting so much better.  I’ve even got used to the acupuncture 🙂  It’s the first time that I’ve had an injury that I haven’t been discouraged since he’s given me a wide range of […]

The Turning Point in My Recovery!!! :)

What a great night!!! I started by going to physio and got some really hopeful news. My ankle is getting better and healing nicely so I get to slowly start trying some of my normal workout activities to test my ankle out and to start getting back into certain aspects of my training that won’t […]

Ice, Ice and More Ice :)

How to Work Through Injuries

Everyone is QUICK to say ‘injuries are all part of being an athlete’.  However, when you are the athlete with the injury there is NOTHING QUICK about it 🙁 Two weeks ago while I was in a soccer game I got kicked hard in the ankle and as a result I also rolled it at […]


Blackburn TKD Friendship Tournament

Today’s tournament at Blackburn TKD was a huge success because competitors came from:  Trigger’s TKD, Freedom TKD, Winning Circle, Kou’s TKD, ARCAN TKD, Ashbury College TKD, Choquette TKD and Gatineau TKD.  For some, it was their first tournament so they were very excited and for others it was a chance to prove to themselves that […]

It’s all about the Eureka Moment!

Whether I’m working on a new Taekwon-do pattern, a new soccer drill, or a new basketball play, there are times when it gets frustrating since it’s not going the way I want and then all of sudden it hits me………….a EUREKA moment.  I had a Eureka moment tonight at the track.  I’ve been loving my […]


John McCrae Basketball Season Over

Last week John McCrae played against Mother Theressa in the first game of the playoffs. It was a tough game since we were winning at the end of the first half, tied at the end of the 3rd quarter and then lost 41-38. Just goes to show that anything can happen in basketball.  It could […]

Indoor Javelin Training at Louis Riel

Well, it’s official….  I signed up with Ottawa Lions Club this week to be coached by Bill Heikkila.  I had my first INDOOR training session on Tuesday night andt it was so interesting to be in that environment !!!  It was great to see Dominique Biladeau again too.  She is the 6 time National Women’s […]

OSU Force Winter Soccer Training Started Today

It was off to Carleton University today to do our team physical testing as the first winter training session.  The first test was a timed sprint and then the second test was what they call a ‘yo-yo’ test.  Basically it’s a series of suicides that keep getting faster and faster similar to the ‘beep’ tests.  […]

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