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It feels awesome when you have a good strike or kick!

I Don’t Want My Training to End

As the competition gets closer part of me is actually really sad since I’ve had the best opportunities and I love having the intense training.  I LOVE TO TRAIN and have a big goal to work towards.  For me, it’s as much fun as the competition itself.  I never get bored repeating the same drills […]

Mr. LeGrow, Mr Frost, Me, Mr. Mostovac and Nemo his Seeing Eye/Hearing Dog

It Was An Honour to Meet Kevin Frost

As the World Championships are getting closer the excitement is setting in and sometimes it can be a bit surreal.  Our dojang had a fundraiser friendship tournament on the weekend and we had the honour of a motivational speech from Kevin Frost. Who is Kevin Frost?   See for more on Mr. Frost. “Canadian […]

I Hate Being Sick!

I’ve missed three days of school this week which really isn’t good since I’ll be missing so much while I’m away and it’s a brand new semester with all new teachers and subjects. I have a bad cold and since there will be ‘drug’ testing at the Worlds I can’t take any medicine.  I’m too […]

A Huge Thank You To Everyone That Helped Me!!!

Wow my fundraiser was a day I’ll never forget!!!  It was so special to have my close friends around to send me off to the World Championships.  I was so touched by very personal speeches and video messages from my coaches and mentors and idols.  It was really hard to hold back the tears.  Everything […]

legion 003

I was given the most amazing gift this week!

Before I compete I have my own  little  rituals that I go through.  They may sound silly to you but they are very important to me. I write the word ‘Free’ on my arm before I compete with my patterns.  This word is important to me since I have to ‘free’ my mind completely so […]

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