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It Was Great Getting to Know Maxine Noel Better - You Rock

Closing Ceremonies of World Championships

It was so exciting but sad at the same time.  I just didn’t want the whole experience to be over.  I met so many incredible people from all around the world.  I got to talk to some of real TKD legends of all times.  It felt surreal being in the circle of these world class […]

legrow worlds2

5 More Medals for Canada

I had yesterday off from competing since it was competition day for all the adults. It was amazing to watch knowing that I could completely relax.  The atmosphere was just as loud today and it was fun being up in the stands cheering on my team mates.  The men’s sparring gets so intense. I was […]

Mr. Tran and Mr. Parent

New World Champion

As you probably know by my Mom’s previous message, I am the Junior World Champion for patterns and the silver medalist for sparring.  I still have two events left in a couple days. It’s funny, this particular blog is the hardest one for me to write since there really aren’t any words to express or […]

A Quick Message from Mom

Kayla is the new Junior Female World Champion for 2nd degree patterns and the silver medalist in sparring! She had to make a tough decision and backed out of the power breaking event today since it was scheduled right before her patterns. She sparred first and was quite sore and didn’t want to risk any […]

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