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Winning the Gold was a moment I'll never forget!

No Surgery Required!!!!!

  Well the last few weeks have  been absolutely impossible for me.  I HATE not being able to train or work out.  I can’t even tell you how restless and agitated  I get :).   I guess I just miss all those natural endorphins. I was so relieved to hear that I do not need […]

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Waiting for My MRI Results

My knee hasn’t gotten any better in almost three weeks after I overextended it in a soccer practice.  It’s so weird how a simple awkward motion can cause so much trouble.  I was really happy after seeing the Sports Medicine Specialist since he got me an MRI right away.   I’ve discovered I’m not very patient […]


My Awesome OFSAA Track and Field Experience

OFSAA Track and Field is an annual meet for the top 24 high school athletes in every event for all of Ontario.  Apparently it’s the most prestigious and largest high school event in North America. As I prepared myself for OFSSA I couldn’t help but notice that I kept comparing track to TKD since they […]

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