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September 2011

My Curiosity for Javelin Has Taken Over!

  Ever since last Spring when Mrs. Rusch my school phys-ed teach and track coach introduced it to me something just felt right.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.  I really don’t know enough about it to make any big decisions but I do know that I enjoy the technical side of javelin and the fact that […]

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Winter Soccer Tryouts

We had three soccer tryouts this week for the winter season.  I think there were over 50 girls trying out and there were a lot of new faces from other clubs that I’ve never seen before.  As nerve racking as tryouts can be it’s good to have new faces so that you push yourself  harder. […]

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$25,000 raised for CHEO, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Hospital and the Western Ottawa Community Resource Centre by Black Belt Excellence

Mr Phil Nguyen (owner of Black Belt Excellence in Kanata) did an incredible job with his HUGE fundraiser for three very important charities.  The day was a celebration of: 25 Years of Excellence 250-Person Taekwon-Do Demonstration 2,500 Kicks for Charity and Board Break-a-Thon $25,000 for Charity 250,000 Acts of Kindness There were several VIP’s  and […]


10th Anniversary for Blackburn TKD

After an exceptional day of private training with Grand Master Lan and Mr. Morris I looked forward to a fun night to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Blackburn TKD.  Although I have only been training with Mr. LeGrow for 3 years my family has known him for over 12 years.  Congratulations Mr. LeGrow on your […]


Private Training with Grand Master Lan

When you start your day by having breakfast with  Grand Master Lan (9th degree) from Germany you know it’s going to be an experience of a lifetime. One of the first questions he asked me was……”Kayla, what is your new big goal?” I was shocked that he knew exactly what was going on in my […]


Visited Trigger’s TKD Annual Family Bar-B-Q

Ms. Trigger was extremely kind to me while I was training for the World Championships. She allowed me to use her dojang whenever I wanted since she knew I needed time alone to work on my patterns.  She also coached me with my Power Breaking.  Her students always made me feel very welcome and were […]


Our Best Soccer Game of the Season

Today our soccer team had our best game so far.  Instead of having normal practices this week, we played exibition games against other OSU teams.  At this point in the season with so few games left, the best thing to do is just play. We played against Burlington today, and they are in first place. […]

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