Last Minute Javelin Training

  When I got an email late last night from Bill Heikkila to have an extra outdoor javelin training session while the ground still wasn’t too hard and the weather wasn’t too cool, I obviously jumped at the opportunity.  It’s hard to learn a new sport when there are big training gaps in between the … Read more

Academic Awards Ceremony

Yesterday we had our high school Academic Awards Ceremony.  The awards were given for last years marks since they don’t send out our final report cards until after school is over. I was really happy to get: Honour Society – Awarded to students who obtain an average of 80% or better in eight subjects Outstanding … Read more

Day 1 – IIC TKD Seminar

I was extremely excited to attend my first IIC Seminar.  Grand Master Morano from Argentina, Grand Master Lan from Germany, Master Laquerre from Quebec City and Master Norman from Saskatchewan were the four instructors for the 2 day seminar.  There were also 7 other masters from different parts of Canada and the States who participated … Read more