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Lots to Report This Week!

I had a great productive week: Physio therapy – Dr. Aiello has done an amazing job on my ankle and it’s getting so much better.  I’ve even got used to the acupuncture 🙂  It’s the first time that I’ve had an injury that I haven’t been discouraged since he’s given me a wide range of […]

The Turning Point in My Recovery!!! :)

What a great night!!! I started by going to physio and got some really hopeful news. My ankle is getting better and healing nicely so I get to slowly start trying some of my normal workout activities to test my ankle out and to start getting back into certain aspects of my training that won’t […]

Ice, Ice and More Ice :)

How to Work Through Injuries

Everyone is QUICK to say ‘injuries are all part of being an athlete’.  However, when you are the athlete with the injury there is NOTHING QUICK about it 🙁 Two weeks ago while I was in a soccer game I got kicked hard in the ankle and as a result I also rolled it at […]

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