Best Week Ever!

Everyday there was something new and amazing this week ! OSCARS When I got back to school on Monday I was told that I won the Oscar award for ‘Canada’s Next Gold Medalist’.  I missed the red carpet award ceremony on Friday since I was in Trois Rivieres at the TKD Canadian Eastern Championships.  It’s basically … Read more

First Day Throwing Javelin Outside Today!

Wow, what a great afternoon.  I finally got the chance to throw my new javelin outside!!!!  This week and next week are extra busy with school activities which hasn’t allowed me to train at all.  I have to admit I was exhausted and really sore after my TKD test last weekend so a few days off was probably good for me.  … Read more

I Have My Very Own Javelin!

I was so happy to see Bill again back at the track.  He was away last week teaching a javelin workshop in Pennsylvania for other high school and university students.  I trained three times with my training buddies while he was away but I have to admit I really missed having Bill there.  We worked on everything … Read more

1 Year Anniversary

Exactly one year ago today, I was on the podium twice with the Canadian flag on my shoulders for the individual events at the World Championships. Where has the year gone? When I look back at the whole journey, I get a warm feeling inside. My past 3 years have been full of absolute joy … Read more

Sweetest Javelin Shoes Ever!

My javeline shoes finally arrived from the States and I can’t wait to try them but I’m going to wait until my coach Bill sees them to make sure I put the spikes in properly.  It’s so weird (but it does make sense) that the two shoes are completely different since the planting foot needs … Read more