Tournament Training

I’ve been running Tournament Training sessions every Sunday for the last few months with Mr. Roland and Ms. Jobin.   It’s one thing to train regularly in class and it’s another thing to train for competition.  These trainings are different because they focus on certain aspects that are strictly related to competing. Some of the things … Read more

Crazy Cross Training!

I’ve been training with Wayne Thompson and it’s been awesome.   For me, cross training is about mental strength as much as it is pushing through the physical limits. Wayne definitely pushes me and that is the adrenaline rush that I seem to need and crave.   He is all about plyometrics and resistance training using bands. As competition season … Read more

Excellent Sparring Training

I had another 2 hour training session with Wayne Thompson this week and he has a whole training plan for me.  I am so excited and I can’t wait until our next session a few days.  I was really sick with a bad cough so it was too hard to spar full-out since I couldn’t catch my … Read more

A Full Weekend of TKD

Not only did I have really valuable Track practices this Easter weekend, I also had amazing TKD training. I really wanted to take advantage of every possible moment on the holiday.  I’m working hard on my new 3rd degree pattern and I’m happy with the way it’s progressing.  I still have two more new patterns … Read more