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regional G legion 005

Qualified for Provincial Team Try-Outs

It was amazing spending the day with my throwing buddies.  The atmosphere at the track was different from school track meets.  You know that all these competitors train year-round and take it very seriously.  I was surprised that there wasn’t as many throwers as school meets but the ones that were there were all good. […]


TKD Seminar With Master Laquerre

What a perfect day!!!!  I spent the morning at the track and my discus throwing went really well.  I am still trying to figure out how this particular event went so badly at OFSAA for me but Darrin, my coach told me to not be upset and that it takes at least 5,000 throws before I […]

Everyone was working their hardest  ;)

Pattern Training Before Pan Ams

Sometimes it’s really hard for kids to remember patterns if they are visual learners and they need to ‘see’ the direction that they are supposed to be going in a sequence. Today we had a breakthrough….I showed a junior belt the diagram of their pattern with tape on the floor.  As soon as he could […]


Personal Highlights of OFSAA 2012

There were way too many exciting things to tell you about OFSAA this year but I did have my 10 favorite personal highlights 1.  Qualifying for all three throwing events.  There was only 1 other junior girl in all of Ontario that did as well. 2. Throwing a PB in Javelin and winning 3rd place.  I had […]


Last minute training before OFSAA

Bill is so helpful with my javelin training. I got to do some one-on-one training with him yesterday to get ready for OFSAA.   He always finds good ways to fine tune and tweak things.  He films my throw and then instantly makes corrections or he uses different props to help get the right ‘feeling’ when I throw. […]

Exhausted but proud and happy Mr. LeGrow

Moved to a New Dojang

  I was involved in a huge TEAM project for the last 10 days.  T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More. Team Blackburn has moved location!  A big group of the parents and students worked around the clock for the last 10 days to get the new location ready.  We had to tear down walls, build new walls, paint, rip up […]

Everyone's hands were so cold and wet.  I'm glad I took my mittens :)


Last week at the East Regional Track and Field meet I was really happy to qualify for al three throwing events.  The top 16 competitors in Eastern Ontario were there.  I’ve been working hard and it’s a good thing since the competition is a lot harder as a Junior (grade 10) than it was last year as […]

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