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Train Hard – Play Hard

I train 7 days a week for either Taekwon-Do, Javelin, Discus and/or Shot Put.  With all this training it’s just as important to play hard too in order to  keep some balance in my life.   I am sooooo extremely lucky to have solid groups of friends that I absolutely love. Unfortunately one of these groups that means the world to me all live […]

2 Day Track and Field Meet

I registered myself to compete in the Ontario Athletics Track and Field meet this weekend. It was for Juniors and Seniors and I”m still a Youth so I just competed with the U19.  I knew I wouldn’t have a chance competing against these experienced girls but I wanted to take advantage of getting some more competition experience.  […]

Mr. LeGrow, Ms. Jobin, Mrs. Lauzon (Goneau), Ms. Maduk, Mr. Lim

What Was I Thinking?

 I haven’t written a blog in over a week even though so much has happened and to honest….I’ve been struggling with some emotions and frustrations but tonight things became crystal clear. I  had two track meets this week.  I did O.K. in them and even had a couple personal bests but I think I had much […]

Getting Better But Still Not Good Enough

I competed in my first Twilight Track Meet tonight.  They are held every Wednesday night at the Terry Fox Track.  I still need to qualify for the National Standard in the Javelin and the Discus.  I have already qualified for Shot Put.  Tonight was only for Javelin and I really had high hopes to throw […]

kayaking 065

I love Mooney’s Bay

I had a great 3 hours training at the track on the holiday Monday.  My first hour of javelin was exciting since it was the first time I was able to actually train with the new 500g weight. I borrowed one from my coaches friend and it was a big help.  At first it felt […]

Canada Day Demo 029

TKD Demo for Canada Day

I felt proud when Trigger’s TKD invited me to join their demo team to do a demonstration on Canada Day.  I train at Blackburn TKD under Mr. LeGrow but Ms. Trigger was a huge help to me when I was training for the last World Championships.  She coached me in Power Breaking and allowed me […]

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