Ms. Julia Cross TKD Seminar 2012

Talented, Dertermined, Inspirational, Motivating, Wise, Strong, Humorous, Experienced, Skilled and Passionate. These are only a few words that describe Ms. Julia Cross.  This weekend was extra special since I had the privilege of attending Ms. Cross’s  TKD Seminar.  She is a 6 time World Champion visiting from Scotland.  I have attended several seminars and workshops over the years by other World … Read more

MPP MacLeod’s Huge Community BBQ

  All the local food cupboards really needed the help from the community and it was amazing to see the turnout of MPP MacLeod’s fundraiser. Everyone brought their bags of non perishable foods or donations.  The Works Burger was extremely generous and donated free burgers on the BBQ and the local farmers cooked up corn for everyone. I … Read more

Mixing Things Up

“Explosive” seems to be a word that keeps coming into all my training whether it’s for Taekwon-Do or Throwing events. I  need to be training for endurance, speed and agility so I mix up the trainings all the time. I’m lucky to have such qualified trainers to give me a  lot of help.  I spent the afernoon training at Mooney’s … Read more

A Special Guest from Argentina

Last night, I had the pleasure of training with a World Champion (1992) and instructor from Argentina,  Mr. Ricardo Rieiro. Mr. Cabanas from Arcan TKD invited him to stay and train with us for a night. Mr. Rieiro had limited English but it was fine since Mr. Cabanas translated from Spanish.  Mr. Rieiro was so expressive with his movements … Read more

Overall Strengthening

I’ve been working on all kinds of different strengthening drills and it’s really starting to pay off.  Last night I had the best javelin training ever.      I love running circuits using the same muscle groups to the point of exhaustion.  As the lactic acid builds up it get’s harder and harder.  I love … Read more

Difference Makers

Like everyone else, I’m glued to the TV watching the Olympics.  I get so excited seeing the successes and I love to hear all the stories behind the scenes about what the athletes go through to achieve their goals.  It totally inspires me.  I have to admit I get so angry when I hear the commentators and  … Read more