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A Joint Motivational Project With my Mom

I’m pretty excited that my mom and I are working a new ‘motivational’ project. My mom takes 1,000’s of pictures all the time and they are REALLY good and unique.  I love thinking of inspirational quotes that help me either train harder or feel good.  Our skills compliment each other so we have started putting […]

I Can't Believe it's Been a Whole Year!

I Can’t Believe it’s Been a Whole Year!

It was this time last year that I met Bill Heikkila, my Javelin coach.  His passion for Javelin is contagious and his eagerness  always makes me look forward to the training sessions I am also throwing shot put and discus under the coaching of Darrin Reesal.  Both coaches are with the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club and they […]


Blender Bottle Magic – No More Clumps for Me!

My brother bought me this new amazing water bottle that also works as a blender with a magic little spinning ball inside.  It’s ideal for making protein shakes and meal replacement shakes on the go when you don’t have a real blender.  Getting the proper nutrition is sometimes challenging when I don’t have a lot of time […]

Kayla and Val

It’s a Priviledge to be Able to Train!

According to the bone scan on my foot I have a peroneal tendon strain.   The treatment consists of rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, being taped and physio.  I can handle all of it except the rest part.  I haven’t really done any training in a couple weeks now and it’s driving me crazy since if feels worse instead of better.  […]

Let's Work on Taekwon-do Patterns

Pattern Training

I could work on Taekwon-Do patterns all day, every day!  There is nothing more satisfying than doing patterns over and over tweaking them and trying to perfect them.  It’s the kind of sport that looks so easy but it’s the hardest sport/art I’ve ever done and that is what makes it so addictive. Mr. LeGrow, my instructor is […]

I wear this bracelet with pride!

First Day of School and Link Crew

Today was my first day in Grade 11 and it was also my first day as an official Link Crew Leader.  I know that there is a huge group of students who think the program isn’t necessary and that’s fine if they don’t want or need it.  I realize that it’s not for everyone.  I […]

Really Feeling and Seeing the Difference From Cross Training

This summer has been awesome for cross training!  Everyday I’ve been doing some sort of fitness whether it’s been by myself or with Shane.  It so important to mix things up with a combination of hill training, weights, ply-ometrics, agility, core strength and cardio (explosive and endurance).   Having a training partner is the best since […]

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