TKD Coupe du Quebec

Right after the academic award ceremony at school I jumped on the Voyageur bus to Montreal for the weekend.  I always LOVE going to Montreal.  It’s amazing seeing TKD friends. Saturday morning I went to watch the Coupe du Quebec.  I would have loved to compete but this is their Provincial championships and also my … Read more

School Awards Ceremony

I have to work really really hard for my school marks so I’m proud when my marks are high enough for Honour Role! I also received the Healthy Active Living Award.  My biggest challenge is fitting in all the homework around my training schedule.  I end up doing all my homework during lunch, in the car, and … Read more

First International Day of the Girl!

Today is the first International Day of the Girl!   Today we celebrate endless possibilities for girls all around the world. Girls deserve the same rights and opportunities no matter where they are.  Today we support the movement to make that happen! One girl can change the world, but they need to be given the chance. Join us and support and celebrate every … Read more

Because I am a Girl…

After going through an application process, a few phone calls and multiple emails, I’m very excited to be a Member of the Speakers Bureau for the “Because I Am a Girl” movement.  I have always wanted to do some Humanitarian work and this is a perfect fit for me. I have my first talk October … Read more