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Invited Back to Sherway Sports

I’m so lucky that I get opportunities to share my love for Taekwon-do with other kids.  Tonight I was invited back to teach a few basic kicking and punching fundamentals to a very special group of girls.  It definitely wasn’t the typical TKD class at all but these girls were just so excited to have the freedom to […]

Blackburn ITF Challenge 2012 167

Blackburn TKD Challenge 2012 – Double Gold

This weekend was all about Taekwon-Do!!!  Yesterday we started with the Annual Blackburn  TKD Challenge and today was the Sparring Seminar with Master Suarez and Julio Carlos from New York City. For me the highlight of the tournament was watching all the colour belts compete.  For several of them it was their first time competing so there […]

Tremblant 088

Unique TKD Seminar with Master Lajeunesse

Normally you come out of a seminar feeling completely exhausted physically!  This weekend’s seminar with Master Lajeunesse was very unique because you came out feeling completely exhausted mentally!  The seminar was completely in French so I had to concentrate since there was so much description and terminology. I really wanted to understand everything that he was saying. Master Lajeunesse […]


Does Anyone Know the Magic Formula?

I am back training! After my two month injury, I am finally ready to restart my cycle for the next World Championships. 🙂 I am MORE than excited to get back into things and for the experiences ahead. It’s all about the training for me, so this year I want to make sure I do […]

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