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Bye Bye 2012 -  Hello 2013!

My Top 30 Memories of 2012

The beauty of keeping this blog is that I can always look back and see what I’ve done in the year.  I have so many great experiences that it’s hard to pick my favourite but here is the list of my top 30 best memories.  I wouldn’t have had any other these incredible experiences  if […]


Perfect Balance in My Life

I can’t believe another year is coming to an end already.  I’m so happy  I keep this blog so I can look back with a huge smile on my face as I see all the amazing opportunities I have had and all the amazing people I had the pleasure of being with. I had the privilege of  training with some of the […]

Pattern Seminar by Mr. LeGrow and Ms. Maduk 032

Mr. LeGrow and Ms. Maduk’s Coloured Belt Seminar 2012

Yesterday, Mr. LeGrow and I gave a 5 hour pattern seminar to cover all the color belt patterns. We wanted to share our passion for patterns and give students and opportunity to review and improve their patterns in more detail. It’s good to have two instructors since we both have different personalities and wanted different things emphasized.  This way we can […]


It Takes Courage – This is Just the Beginning

Yesterday,  I went and watched some of Ms. Trigger’s and Ms. Villeneuve’s students test for their black belts and 2nd Degrees. This day was especially exciting for me because Cameron Clarke was one of those students. I have known Cameron and his family for years now and I remember the first day I met Cam and […]

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