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Kayla Maduk Motivational Poster

Visualization Poster Added to My Product Line

I’ve just added this picture to my Motivational Posters Product Line…  See the link for more posters. This picture was taken at Peggy’s Cove in Nova Scotia back in 2011 when I travelled there for an IIC (International Instructor’s Course). Standing on the rocks with the power of the waves and the wind was an […]


Day Time Talk – Rogers TV

What an INCREDIBLE 12 hours!!!!! My TKD instructor Mr. LeGrow,  invited me to join him along with another student (Pierce Rogers) from the dojang to go on the Day Time Talk Ottawa TV show on Rogers Cable.  The whole interview was only about 8 minutes long and it went so fast.  It was frustrating when they asked me questions because I […]


Awesome Weekend!

Friday night is Sparring night for me 🙂  Everything was going really well until the sole of my foot made contact with a very sharp elbow of the person I was about to kick.  Let’s just say it didn’t feel good but that’s all part of the deal.  You have to be ready for anything […]

Kayla Maduk TKD Pattern Training

What is Your True Love on Valentines Day?

I love all my training sessions but sometimes you a have a workout that is  just a bit better than others.  Today was one of those awesome training sessions. Right after school I ate one of my ‘little’ meals in the car on the way to track practice.  Bill put me through a great weight […]

Steph Boivin got me the sweetest gift! She contacted over 30 people from around the world that mean so much to me. She made a photo album with letters from all 30 people. I cried with every letter. Thank you to everyone who wrote in the album and thank you to Steph for making me the best birthday gift ever.

Always Learning and Loving It!

Since I’ve changed my eating habits I can’t believe how much better I feel.  Eating smaller meals every 3 hours really helps keep my energy up through the long training hours.  It’s so much work with all the food preparation and packing a little cooler every day before I leave the house but at least […]

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