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80th IIC Queens NYC

Thank you Master Suarez from Queens TKD for hosting such a successful 80th IIC (International Instructor’s Course) in NYC. Over 130 black belts (including 10 Masters) entered into the Queens College gym looking forward to gain more knowledge from Grand Master Marano (Argentina), Grand Master Lan (Germany) and Grand Master Bos (Italy).  There were people from all […]

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Training at Queens TKD in New York City

I’ve recently had the pleasure of training with Master Suarez 3 times in Ottawa and I’ve always loved his high energy and different approach to sparring drills.  When I signed up for the IIC (International Instructors Course) in NYC I also asked if I could go a day early so I could train with him at […]


Master Norman Seminar in Ottawa

On March 8th and 9th, Alana & Diego Cabanas of ARCAN Taekwon-Do invited Master Clint Norman, 8th degree to Ottawa to host a technical seminar focusing on patterns and sparring.  Master Norman teaches out of Regina, Saskatchewan.  He is currently a Vice President of the ITF and the President of Canada’s NGB the Canadian Taekwon-Do Federation […]


Special Women’s OnlyTraining with Master Suarez

Master Ruben Suarez 8th degree black belt from Queens New York, USA, was here for Master Norman’s Seminar. Master Suarez was extremely generous and gave a unique sparring training on the Sunday for the women that were in town for the seminar.   It’s so hard to find girls to train and spar with and it’s so important […]


March Break Training With Alex Lapointe-Matta

My good friend Alex from Samguk TKD in Montreal also came to Master Norman’s seminar. He came into town a day early so we could train together during the day since he was on March break. We shared the new drills we each have been working on in the past little while.  It’s so helpful to share our experiences since we have different […]


March Break Training With Mr. Ripley

Last weekend,  CTFI President, Master Norman  from Saskatchewan came to Ottawa to give a Taekwon-Do Seminar. There were guests from all over Ottawa, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New York.  Arcan TKD were the hosts of the seminar. Mr. Ripley is someone I hold dear to my heart.  I really look up to him since he is such an inspiration.  He is one […]


Super Saturday Series #3 Track Meet

Today I competed in my first indoor track meet. I was only able to throw shot put since they can’t measure javelin or discus events.  I’m working on a new throwing technique that will be ready by the summer but I’m still tweaking all the details.  I had 6 throws.  I was really happy that […]

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