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National TKD Team Training # 2

This weekend was my second National Team training to prepare for the World Championships. This training was a bit different than the first one because it was only for those who were going to be competing in their second World Championships or more. The numbers were smaller and there was a lot more 1 on […]

Morris Wedding 2013 186

Marriage Through Taekwon-Do

I’ve said it so many times before but Taekwon-Do is NOT just a sport but it truly is a way of life.  Last weekend one of my best friends, Brigitte Jobin (now Brigitte Morris) married a taekwon-do Instructor from California.  They met at a TKD seminar in Florida two years ago and they knew they were meant […]


Awesome TKD Training with our USA Guests

 Saturday 9am – 5pm Sparring Training: It’s so worthwhile to train with as many new people as possible.  Mr. LeGrow invited one of the Junior Sparring USA Team members (Ronald Honka) from Brooklyn to come spar with us for the weekend as well as his friend Ha Tang. Other junior boys came from our dojang to spar with us on […]


What Motivates YOU To Train?

Why do you train so much?  This is a question that I get asked all the time and it made me wonder why others train. Every one has their own reason. Here are 5 of the reasons why some people train: 1. To Look Our Best/Lose Weight About two months ago we had a new young […]

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