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Hectic 3 Weeks Back!

This is the first chance I’ve had to write a blog since I’ve been home so there is lots to talk about.  I still haven’t had time to put my suitcase away!!!!! (maybe I’ll just leave it out so I can go on another trip) After you’ve participated in something as big as the World […]

Barrhaven Independent Newspaper Posted my Blogs

I was so excited to see that the Barrhaven Independent posted my blogs from when I was in Spain. It’s amazing to feel such support from my community. I am honoured to be the Honorary Marshall for the Santa Clause Parade December 1st. I will be sure to write about that experience too. click here […]

A Video Message from Home Meant So Much

While I was in Spain I received this video messagel from my friends back home and it literally made me cry.  It was so thoughtful! When you compete on the other side of the world and there is a big time difference you can feel pretty isolated from your friends.  These guys were up through the […]


Day 4 – World Championships

Sunday, October 27th, Final day of competition – Team Special Techniques I was really sad that this was the last day of completion.  I’ve basically been consumed with this event since I left New Zealand at the last World Championship.  I thought that I would only do one but once you’ve done one, you keep […]


Day 3 – World Championships

Saturday, October 26th, Day 3 of competition – Team Sparring It was getting harder and harder each morning to get up early since I was not only physically tired but emotionally drained.  Nothing could top the day before. Team events are always fun at competition and that is why they are held at the end […]


Day 2 – World Championships

Friday, October 25th – Day 2 of competition – Patterns There was a lot of pressure on me since I won the gold in patterns in New Zealand.  I had to change my way of thinking to keep calm.  Yes, maybe I had more to lose, but I had THAT much more to gain.  Someone […]

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