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2014 Personal Highlights

I definitely had more ups and downs than normal during 2014 but I guess its all part of growing up. Every Christmas I review my blog and make a quick recap of the year and I always feel extremely grateful for the things that I’ve been able to accomplish (despite the challenges) and the experiences I’ve had.  It also […]

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2014 Blackburn ITF TKD Challenge

Congratulations to Mr. LeGrow for hosting his biggest and most successful TKD tournament ever.  There were 275 competitors from Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. I didn’t compete since I’m still waiting for the MRI on my foot which will be December 1st.  I can’t wait to get the results […]


Canadian ITF TKD Championships 2014

Last weekend was the Canadian TKD Championships and they were extremely stressful! Not only was this the Nationals, but the Selections for Team Canada to go to the 2015 World Championships in Italy. Only the top 2 competitors in each division qualify. I have competed injured in past competitions and that is just part of the job.  However, I had […]

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We’ve Got Mats!!!!!!!!!!

I am so happy that Mr. LeGrow was able to bring the mats from the old dojang to the new training space.  It made such a HUGE difference in the training.  I love how the new space feels open and light with the high ceilings. It has the same atmosphere as a tournament and it doesn’t […]

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September Has Been a Huge Month of Change

SCHOOL -I just started university last month and I’m loving it!!! I’ve been adjusting to the new dynamics of longer classes filled with hundreds of students in each class and not knowing a single person.  There is more time in between classes so I’ve been working hard at keeping up with all the readings and assignments.  I am in […]


Maduk Gives 3 Hour Sparring Seminar

While I was in Halifax at MacKenzie TKD for the week I also gave a three hour sparring seminar.  This was another dream come true for me.  I would love to spend a few years travelling the world learning from Masters and Grandmasters and then sharing what I’ve learned. I’ve been given so much knowledge from my Instructor Mr. LeGrow while he […]

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The Coaching Tables Have Turned

  Every now and then, you come across a coach that not only effects you as an athlete but as a person. Bill Heikkila, was one of those coaches for me.  Bill was a past Javelin Olympian, and my javelin coach for about 3 years until I got injured and had to stop throwing. He is […]

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