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Mental Health Awareness Initiative at St. Paul High School

What an awesome morning!  I had the privilege of leading a work-out for students in grades 7-12 at St. Paul Catholic High School.  Their school is taking part in a mental health awareness initiative, called ‘Stress Busters’ and the purpose for this particular segment was to promote exercise to manage stress.  The program is 5 weeks long and all […]

A Very Nice Testimontial/Letter of Reference

I was so happy to receive this testimonial from a previous speaking engagement.  It’s great to  find  something that you love to do at even at a young age 🙂  I look forward to many more events like this! To Whom it May Concern, Kayla Maduk is a remarkable young woman. She presented the keynote […]


Getting a Kick Start in Training for 10KM Race

Today I was asked to give an inspirational talk to a grade 12 fitness class.  Throughout the next few months, they will be running, going to the gym, doing yoga and a variety of other sports/training sessions.  At the end of the semester, their summative is to run a 10km race in Barrhaven.  For some of them, this will […]


2 Months of Turmoil

It’s amazing how your life can be running perfectly and suddenly something happens and it spins out of control. Dec 6th, 2013 my mom suddenly become critically ill and ended up in hospital for over 2 months. We were told she probably would not survive.  It was the scariest time of my life. She is not only my mom but […]


My Solid Black Belt

I turned 18 a few weeks ago and it’s a really big deal for me not only in life but as a martial artist but as a competitor as well.  I am no longer in the junior division (ages 14-17).   I am now in the adult division which is ages 18-34. That is a huge jump for me but I […]

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