As an athlete I’m used to change.  I have to be adaptable in my training, competition,  injuries, time management etc.  So much is out of my control but I have always taken pride in myself for adjusting to change quickly. HOWEVER, I’ve just realized that the above situations are all just short-lived change.  Now I have to deal with long … Read more

Summer Tournament Training

Mr. Legrow continues to give his amazing weekend trainings.  I absolutely love them since it also gives me more training partners.  I’m so thankful that people travel from Montréal,  Brossard and Longueuil to train with us.  The trainings are also extra special since they are for about 4-5 hours long so you really have time to … Read more

Where did June go?

So many amazing things happened in June I wasn’t able to keep up with my posts. In June I already wrote about: The amazing TKD Seminar with Master Kou (my previous instructor), Master Suarez  and Master Affatigato from New York City About giving kick boxing classes at the Relay for Life  My experience travelling to Nova Scotia for the Canadian … Read more