Archive | January, 2015

Keynote Speaker at “Because I Am A Girl” Campaign Fundraiser

Nothing makes me happier than being involved with events that promote positive self-esteem/self-image and confidence in young girls.  I have been invited back for the last three years to be the Keynote Speaker at the Soloway Jewish Community School.  I am always so impressed how passionate this group of young girls (grades 4-6) and their mom’s […]

Barrhaven Independent 2014 Person of the Year

Last week, I was contacted by the Barrhaven Independent Newspaper, wanting to do a story on me. What I didn’t know was that I was going to be named the 2014 Barrhaven Independent Glen Dicks Person Of The Year! I was extremely honoured and touched. The article was extremely well written by Jeff Morris. He […]


Cross Training After an Injury

When it comes to returning to training after an injury, it’s really important to go about it properly. My first reaction is to jump into everything really hard since I’ve missed it so much and I just want to do everything but I have learned in the past that it’s crucial to ease back in.:)   I […]

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