The last two weeks were all about basketball.  My school team won in the Board Semi-Finals and then lost in the Board Finals.  It was our first loss of the whole season so we were still pleased with our success.  My Grandpa was asked to sit on the players bench for the last game since … Read more

TKD Training in Montreal

I went to Montreal this weekend for a soccer tournament but I also wanted to take advantage of training with Mr. Primeau from Samguk TKD in Longueuil.  Mr. Primeau often comes to train in our dojang in Ottawa so it was nice to visit him at his school.  Friday night he worked us very hard … Read more

Honour Role

Last week we received our report cards and at the school assembly I was really proud to earn an Honour Role for having an overall average of a 84% percent.  This was especially hard with all the extra training I’ve been doing.  I also received the Citizenship Award.  It’s great that my Grandpa is so … Read more