2014 Personal Highlights

I definitely had more ups and downs than normal during 2014 but I guess its all part of growing up. Every Christmas I review my blog and make a quick recap of the year and I always feel extremely grateful for the things that I’ve been able to accomplish (despite the challenges) and the experiences I’ve had.  It also … Read more

2014 Blackburn ITF TKD Challenge

Congratulations to Mr. LeGrow for hosting his biggest and most successful TKD tournament ever.  There were 275 competitors from Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Arizona, Puerto Rico and Jamaica. I didn’t compete since I’m still waiting for the MRI on my foot which will be December 1st.  I can’t wait to get the results … Read more

Where did June go?

So many amazing things happened in June I wasn’t able to keep up with my posts. In June I already wrote about: The amazing TKD Seminar with Master Kou (my previous instructor), Master Suarez  and Master Affatigato from New York City About giving kick boxing classes at the Relay for Life  My experience travelling to Nova Scotia for the Canadian … Read more